Sometimes we have to lower our expectations

The joy of work has little to do with the work you are doing.

What’s better to do is focus on being good at the work you’re doing until you feel comfortable with it.

Follow opportunity, not interest.

But most importantly, always carry that interest with us for life.

2. Responsibilities that should be considered.
What about other people under you?

Don’t just want to chase dreams but at the same time we leave destruction behind us

You may feel like you owe it to yourself not to pursue Whatsapp Mobile Number List your dreams – but it’s not at the expense of those around you.

You have a mouth to feed. Children and wife. Family.

Too many times I have seen many people pursue their dreams in a way that puts their families at great risk

There are friends who supposedly quit their jobs to run the business they love full-time, but instead make their family’s life more difficult.

Many marriages have collapsed due to the ‘passion of chasing dreams’ without a solid and perfect backup plan.

You may be able to live outside your comfort zone, but what about your children and wife?

Responsibility – an important term and we must take it no matter what.

Think of all the possible risks Don’t gamble your family’s fortunes

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We may not be happy not being able to pursue Shops 9177 our dreams, but we will be more tormented when we are haunted by guilt when we see the hardships our family is going through.

Family first.

Happiness at work comes from your own attitude. A good job is something you discover while you’re working..

The key to success is doing what we love.

For me this is not accurate.

Just because you’re interested in something, doesn’t mean you’re an expert in that field.

Not all of those interests are the best path for you.

Abilities and interests often do not go hand in hand.

An interest in photography does not mean you are a good photographer. An interest in playing football does not necessarily mean that you are a great football player.

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