Madrid is the autonomous community with the highest average rental price in our country. According to the Housing and Land Observatory (2020) published by the Ministry of Public Works, the average price of a rental home in the capital is around €819.

Organize your finances

In the event that you are going to request financing, be it from an investor. An institution or your family, start by meeting with each of them. To get an idea of ​​how much they can offer you. It would be interesting to present you with an income forecast. Even so, since you do not know for sure how much .You are going to earn at the beginning, you should not assume too high a debt. If you think that the best option is to ask your family or a friend. For the money, be sure to formalize the transaction in writing.So that the conditions are clear and payments are made on a regular basis.

The second most populated city on the Whatsapp Mobile Number List Peninsula can be a very attractive alternative for those who want to work on their own. Due to its proximity to the sea, its temperate climate and its unique personality, Barcelona will make anyone fall in love with it.

In addition, according to The World’s Best Cities 2021 report , produced by Resonance Consultancy, the city is ranked number 8 as the best global city to live, work, research and visit in 2021.

Working in Barcelona is synonymous with opportunities. The city is home to some of the companies with the highest turnover in our country, and every day more international companies decide to open an office there. It will not be coincidence.

If you want to start a freelance job in Barcelona, ​​here are some tricks to plan your autonomous project from scratch .

Define your company name and brand 

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In the same way that it happens with a big city like Shops 9177 Madrid, it can be easier to establish a network of contacts and you can find more opportunities than in a small city. As for the advantages that the city offers, you will be able to enjoy the sun and good weather in both coastal and mountain landscapes, as well as gastronomy to lick your fingers.

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