Make Them Pay a Price for the Privilege

Don’t be fooled by children..

… they are very expert in manipulating the situation.

They use cuteness, pity faces, push and cry and shout loudly in public.

Therefore, it is our duty to deal with their behavior.

During the 3 years I have been a teacher, there are several things that I have found that can be done to control children’s behavior so that they are more obedient to instructions.

Force Them to Cooperate For children who do not want to work together, use the ‘prisoner’s dilemma’ method.

Give them tasks to do together, such as cleaning the classroom.

Then give them equal rewards or punishments based on their performance as a team

If in a team there is one person who does Phone Number List something, and at other times there is another boy who refuses to cooperate, both of them will lose.

One team will bear the consequences.

Sooner or later, this method will definitely force them to cooperate.Who wants to sit under the fan?

Who wants to sit by the window?

Who wants to be class leader?

This is a common traditional problem in the classroom: Not everything can be given equally to every student.

So let the students consider the assignments and privileges they get.

They have to pay what they want. Everything comes with a price.

If they want their desk right under the fan, then he is the last person to go home and make sure all the fan switches are closed.

Threaten Them (literally)
Screaming “Shut up!!” will never work.

That was a threat that the boy was not afraid of. It has no credibility The boys already know

Phone Number List

After all, this will also make us uncomfortable.

So, carry out the punishment that benefits us.

For example, “Don’t run around in the Shops 9177 field or the teacher cancels today’s PJ class!”

.. or “Don’t hit your sister, otherwise you won’t go for a walk this afternoon!”

Say it in a firm tone.

If they disobey orders, carry out the threat firmly without saying much.

Let them understand the ‘effect & effect’ rule.

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