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When a much lov  The moment preferr by the viewer, therefore no longer in simultaneously with the broadcast of the program. In fact, Nielsen has detect what are call Non-Linear conversations, i.e. all the interactions on Facebook and Twitter which, although referring to a specific programme, take place in the days following the broadcast. The surprising fact is that a third of the comments ( %) relating to the most “social” television programs were post in days following their broadcast. Social TV is therefore a reality to be taken into greater consideration, keeping in mind some elements which.

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Here but which we will return to in some seo expate bd posts in the next few days: How is it possible for an advertising company or for television itself to monetize this new use of television by users? How much do social networks influence the television format? given that the advertisement must attract the public’s attention, how much does television and social interaction influence the user’s real attention? “ Everyone has a purpose in life. Maybe yours is to watch television. David Letterman American presenter and anchorman “ The future of TV is on the web.

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