For example this makes it easier for followers to find your services. Tell your followers what to do on your account. Give your followers motivation to take action. Provide information about follower preferences. Improve conversion rates. You can tag phrases and swipe up features in a variety of formats including profile buttons. But keep in mind that your account must have a business profile to use the features. Tell a story with a carousel Carousel ads make your ad more interesting and increase the chances that your target audience will see it by featuring multiple images in a single post. This format also provides valuable information about which images or videos work best.

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Here’s how to create a carousel ad Name your ad Choose a carousel format and page Choose a carousel format Add a carousel ad image Add a carousel whatsapp mobile number list ad text Add a carousel ad URL Choose a call to action Choose a deselected image rotation Strengthen your brand. Strong brands require less advertising. Think Apple and Coca-Cola. As soon as their brand is mentioned, everyone knows what they sell. Additionally, businesses with strong brands tend to outlast their competitors. From the example above Coca-Cola has been around for over a century and yet people still buy their drink.

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So many beverage companies have come and gone over the years. Yet they remained strong and even survived both world wars.  This is the power of Shops 9177 branding. If you want to stay with these companies for as long as you can use the following tips at Boost your brand on Post content that reflects your brand personality. Grow your followers Create a branded hashtag Schedule your content Stick to it Avoid posting too much. Work with influencers to encourage user-generated content Promote videos Video posts are statistically twice as likely to get engagement than image posts.

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