After they buy something, you can ask them if they want to create an account for a faster transaction the next time they buy. It also encourages them to revisit your website or store.


Shopee and Lazada stores are huge when it comes to unique promos and vouchers, especially during their 1 day sales like 9.9 and 11.11.

Keeping shoppers engaged is one of their main marketing strategies and this includes adding to cart first before big sale days.

Nowadays, first time buyers or even repeat buyers are very used to having a promo code to get a discount.

In fact, customers are willing to spend more just to get a discount.

Solution : Vouchers and promo codes work to increase customer conversions and this really helps. To overcome buying hesitancy, design your checkout page at a discounted price. For example, Shein provides a 10% discount for those who pay in advance instead of cash on delivery (COD).


Trust is one of the most critical issues in e-Commerce

In fact, one of the top e-Commerce fears is that consumers are not buying from “real” stores.

A survey showed that 61% of buyers phone number list don’t buy because of a lost logo of trust, 76% don’t buy because they don’t recognize the logo.

Lack of real experience demands special requirements to gain customer trust.

Another factor that can hinder consumer purchases is the process of returning and returning products that are unclear or complicated.

Solution: Shoppers want to know that if something goes wrong with their purchase, they can do something about it. Make sure the return and refund process is clear and hassle-free for the customer. You can build this trust in all forms on your website. Remember that you are not only asking for their personal information, but also their financial details. Include a security logo, clear refund and return process. Join live chat. This way they know you can be reached anytime, anywhere.


 No Security Certification 

phone number list

If we were to count all e-Commerce fears, the fear of providing credit card information would be at the top.

This is a valid reason as cases of identity theft and credit card fraud increase every year.

Users are looking for reassurance so they can calm their nerves and not fret over giving out their sensitive information. This includes updated SSL certificates, EVL certificates, etc.

Solution : Switch to HTTPS hosting Shops 9177 with SSL certificate, not only for the payment area of ​​your site, but also secure your entire website. Additionally, Google has included HTTPS as a ranking factor since 2014, and since then has stated to flag all.

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