According to a Baymard study, 60% lose interest in continuing with a purchase because of the extra costs they see when checking out. Another 23% abandoned their cart because they could not calculate the total cost up front.[ * ]

Common surcharges include taxes, shipping and other additional fees.

When it comes to e-Commerce

cost transparency plays an important role that significantly influences consumer purchasing decisions.

Consumers love online shopping primarily because of the lower price offerings, coupled with the convenience.

Given that portrayal, some sellers may use clickbait promotions and hope consumers encourage their purchases.

There are some sellers who include all product variations in the same category, and feature the product with the lowest price. If buyers aren’t careful enough, they end up buying a different product.

Consumers may leave their carts—and possibly avoid your store forever—when they are shocked by the true prices, leaving them without buying anything.

Solution: Allow your customers to see how much their total cost is immediately. Including shipping, duties taxes and other fees. If they see that the total cost is justifiable, then they are more likely to continue with the purchase.

2. Shipping Problems
Consumers love free things. And when it comes to free shipping, they love it even more!

This is one of the best deals that whatsapp mobile number list many retailers use especially when they are introducing a new product or promoting their store.

But in reality, free shipping isn’t really free. This costs money and someone has to pay for it.

The problem is that 36% of online customers abandon

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their cart because they don’t want to pay for shipping.

Moreover, if they see that the shipping costs are much higher than they expected, it makes them second-guess their decision to buy.

Another factor regarding shipping issues is the lack of shipping customization. This includes options for local pickup, access to free shipping for additional orders or the ability to choose a delivery method (1 day delivery, 3 day delivery, etc.)

BigCommerce reveals that 77% of global consumers abandon their purchases because they don’t like the shipping options available.

Every customer has a different set of needs and they expect you to meet their needs by allowing them to choose or customize shipping details—especially in international shipping.

Solution: The customer experience Shops 9177 extends beyond your ecommerce website or online store. By providing shipping options, you give your customers the freedom to choose what’s best for their situation.

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