In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Robert has a passion for helping individuals and organizations build their ability to outperform. He is also cofounder and president.  “Marketers are investing more in partner marketing. Companies are investing more in partner marketing as they are increasingly pressured to tie marketing spend to results. Partner marketing makes it easy for marketers to scale and increase reach action quickly, and its framework ensures that companies are paying partners to drive an marketing action, whether it’s a new customer.


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“Right now, as the latest generation with purchasing power hits the market, Gen Z has a new set of needs. The biggest trend will be to create C Level Contact List  personalized experiences. This new generation is not interested in being sold. They know their worth, which means they are looking for brands that will not only inspire them and help them explore the world creatively, but also make a difference in their lives. These new shoppers understand the power of choices and they won’t be loyal to brands, but if a brand can create personalized experiences delivered with convenience, then they have the propensity to stay at the top of Gen Z’s minds.  generation, so if brands can leverage their creativity to cocreate or even invite them to be part of the brand experience/process, this will also encourage these customers to remain loyal to your brand.

He wrote a book called Branding


The main reason why every business needs it in and beyond is  Shops 9177 because it offers an interactive experience. It is a great tool to address customer problems who want immediate or realtime answers from your brand. So, with chatbots, you don’t need to sit in front of the screen all day to answer every single question you face, letting let the AI do all the work. All you have to do is create a type of conversational message that works /.” Connie Chi Connie Chi ConnieChi Connie Chi is the founder of The Chi Group, an awardwinning marketing and branding agency that humanizes lifestyle brands. Without A Brand, where he shares his secrets on how to take a brand from zero to hero.

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