Freelance Collaborator Requirements and Advantages

In certain situations, the self-employed need help in their activity and, therefore.Someone to lend them a hand on a day-to-day basis. then these cases, the easiest thing to do is hire a family member, who. In addition to being a trustworthy person. Usually has greater knowledge of the business than any outside person. For this reason, there is a special figure of the reta(special regime for self-employed workers). Which is known as self-employed collaborator.Whose regime is different from that of the self-employed as we know it. This figure is unique due to its tax regime. Since it is not the same as that of the self-employed. In addition, the collaborating self-employed person must necessarily be a relative of the self-employed person, and not just any. But a direct relative. Below we explain what is needed to hire a family member as a self-employed collaborator.

Requirements of the self-employed collaborator

Be at least 16 years old. Since by law no one under 16 years of age can carry out any type of professional activity.
It must be a direct relative , spouse. Common-law partner, first-degree relatives (parents, in-laws, children) or second-degree relatives. (siblings, brothers-in-law, grandchildren, etc.) by consanguinity Latest Mailing Database or affinity. Nephews, uncles, or cousins ​​are not considered direct relatives.
Working in the business on a regular basis , it cannot be about occasional collaborations.
You must live in the same home as the self-employed person who hires you or be a dependent of him.

You cannot be registered as an employee

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In the case of unmarried couples. It must be shown that Shops 9177 they have lived together for at least 5 years. And that none of them is married to another person. In addition, they must be included as unmarried couples in the registry that corresponds to their region. The self-employed collaborator must not have been registered. In the reta in the five years prior to this registration.

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